Then and Now

I have come across a lot of posts on Facebook lately that I have found to be hilarious!

Families are taking old pictures of certain occasions and having the person or people in the picture reenact the image. I thought this was a really cool and clever idea!

Some that I have seen include old family photo’s, Opps! moments that were caught on film and family memories when kids are younger. I actually really like this idea and think it is clever that families are doing this! Its great to see how funny they look now that the kids are older! It just goes to show that you can get away with most anything as a child!



Picking Your Camera

The process of picking a camera can be a stressful one for some. Going into the store and seeing dozens of cameras can be very overwhelming for some. Here are some tips for people in the camera buying market!

  • Set a basic budget for what you want to spend. Remember that you do not always have to go top of the line for every product you buy. Especially if you don’t plan on using it that often.
  • Determine your experience level. If you are taking pictures for recreational purposes only, then you do not need to invest in an expensive camera. If you are taking images for professional reasons it would be worth it to spend more money.
  • Consider what you will use your camera to capture. For kids or wildlife, get a camera that acts fast after you click the shutter.
  • Decide if you want to capture video with the camera.
  • Check reviews on the web.
  • Consider which type of batteries would be most useful to you. Rechargeable batteries are always best in my opinions!

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a camera. These are just a few helpful tips for your future camera purchase.

Online Photography Portfolio tutorial

Hello all!

I have been on the hunt to find a really great tutorial video on way to build my online portfolio. It is important for any photographer to have a great website to help build their brand.

For my first digital portfolio, I used iMovie that I have on my MacBook Pro. However, for a professional website, I do not want to put video after video because that is not always convenient for the client. Not everyone has the time or ability to watch a tone of videos.

I was lucky enough to find this video on YouTube that has given me some great ideas for what I want to include in my future website! It has also given me a free website that I can start my portfolio on!


I hope this video helps you out as much as it has helped me. It is important to offer clients a professional and well put together website that showcases your talent as a photographer.

Bringing your instagram photos to life!

I have always been interested in seeing if there was a way to actually use your instagram posts. Obviously i know that I have those images on my phone, but I was interested to see what DIY ideas I could find. And BOY did I find so great ideas!

Some examples include:

  • Make a mosaic cover for your smart phone. How-to tutorial:
  • Create a tiny photo book. When i first saw this I was a little bit confused but it acutally looks cool. Maybe a stocking stuffer idea for the holiday? Regardless they are pretty cool! allows you to order 3 little books for only $10
  • Make some mini magnets! Here is the how-to tutorial:
  • Craft a set of custom coasters! I LOVE this idea especially since my boyfriend and I are moving in together after I graduate in December. How to tutorial:

You can find these and so many ideas online on Pinterest as well!

Enjoy crafting!

Family Photoshoot Advice from a Pro

Photographing families can be a challenge. Unless I am really comfortable with the family, I have not become comfortable enough to do it myself. Its the whole “What if I don’t give then what they want” thing that freaks me out! It is even harder when the family includes babies and animals. Here are some VERY helpful tips from a professional photographer for families that want to get there pictures and tips a photographer can give to their clients during their initial meeting:

  1. Ask your client to choose their clothing carefully.
    Make sure the outfits are comfortable and attractive. Choose color coordinating colors with fun accessories like scarves and headbands. Make sure the outfits aren’t to matchy-matchy and keep a similar tone amongst the family.
  2. Recommend that your clients be well rested and well fed.
    I can say from experience photographing a crying and tired baby is so frustrating and honestly really exhausting. Be sure to not schedule a photo session around your child’s nap time. If you are planning to have your session during dinner time, eat a snack before you arrive. We all know that being hungry can affect our moods and drive to be happy.
  3. Give yourself time to get ready.
    This is suppose to be a fun and relaxing time for you and your family to create memories. Make sure you allow your time to get dressed, arrive at your destination relaxed and excited. When a family shows up to a family photo session rushed and disorganized, it sets the tone for a rushed and disorganized session. This is a moment to be captured and turned into memories. Enjoy it!
  4. Ask the dads to be cheerful participants.
    Lets face it, I am sure the wives convinced the husbands to do this. It is important for all family members to be excited. Usually once the husband sees how excited his wife is, it makes a huge difference in the husbands mood.
  5. Let your kids be naturally excited!
    Yelling at your child to smile only stresses them out. It is important during a photo shoot to have them be naturally happy not forcing the smile. Let the photographer naturally interact with your children. This will result in natural, gorgeous smiles.  Help the photographer capture your child’s true personality by talking with and coaxing out those smiles naturally and easily.
  6. Have fun with your family!Play with your kids. Give your wife a kiss on the cheek. Have fun, laugh, giggle, embrace, cuddle, and play. Doing these things allows the photographer to capture the love in your family.
  7. Bring an activity that you enjoy doing together as a family.Bring books if your family loves to read, bring board games if you love to play games together. HAVE FUN! When families are doing an activity with each other, the photographer has the chance to take the best pictures. Nothing beats true emotion and true smiles.
  8. Let everyone be natural.
    Some of the best images are when the family is not looking at the camera. Lets face it, we cannot get enough of the smiling kids images where they are laughing and playing with each other. Eye contact with the camera isn’t always necessary.

The best piece of advice is to HAVE FUN and enjoy the family time you have together!

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 3.33.20 PM

Tips for a great photo

Sometimes figuring out how to take a good image is half the battle. Here are some helpful tips to take a great picture:

  1. Get down on their level.
    Hold your camera at the subject’s eye level to capture the emotion in the eyes. If you are photographing a kid or pet, get down on their level!
  2. Use a plain background.
    A cluttered background will be distracting while a plain background will emphasize your subject.
  3. Use flash outside.
    Use it on cloudy days to brighten up faces and make them stand out from the background.
  4. Move in close.
    This is my favorite! To create an impactful picture, move in close and fill your picture with the subject. For small objects, use the camera’s macro or ‘flower’ mode to get sharp close-ups.
  5. Lock the focus.
    How do you do that? Center the subject, press the shutter button half way, re-frame, and finesh by taking the shot.
  6. Move it from the middle.
    Off-center the subject.
  7. Watch the light.
    Great light makes a great picture. For people, avoid overhead sunlight that casts harsh shadow. For scenic images, use the long shadows and a clear day.
  8. Be a picture director!
    This is actually the hardest part of photographing a group. Take an extra minute and direct people with where to stand. Add props, rearrange subjects or try a different viewpoint.


2nd Personal Branding Video: Digital Portfolio

Hey guys!

I decided to do my second personal branding video as a digital portfolio.

I had my first paid photo session this weekend. YAYYY!
The client wanted to take advantage of the BEAUTIFUL fall we are having back home, so I took pictures strictly of the trees and outdoors. I did some personal photos for her and her family but she asked that I leave those out.

I hope you guys enjoy my video!