Family Photoshoot Advice from a Pro

Photographing families can be a challenge. Unless I am really comfortable with the family, I have not become comfortable enough to do it myself. Its the whole “What if I don’t give then what they want” thing that freaks me out! It is even harder when the family includes babies and animals. Here are some VERY helpful tips from a professional photographer for families that want to get there pictures and tips a photographer can give to their clients during their initial meeting:

  1. Ask your client to choose their clothing carefully.
    Make sure the outfits are comfortable and attractive. Choose color coordinating colors with fun accessories like scarves and headbands. Make sure the outfits aren’t to matchy-matchy and keep a similar tone amongst the family.
  2. Recommend that your clients be well rested and well fed.
    I can say from experience photographing a crying and tired baby is so frustrating and honestly really exhausting. Be sure to not schedule a photo session around your child’s nap time. If you are planning to have your session during dinner time, eat a snack before you arrive. We all know that being hungry can affect our moods and drive to be happy.
  3. Give yourself time to get ready.
    This is suppose to be a fun and relaxing time for you and your family to create memories. Make sure you allow your time to get dressed, arrive at your destination relaxed and excited. When a family shows up to a family photo session rushed and disorganized, it sets the tone for a rushed and disorganized session. This is a moment to be captured and turned into memories. Enjoy it!
  4. Ask the dads to be cheerful participants.
    Lets face it, I am sure the wives convinced the husbands to do this. It is important for all family members to be excited. Usually once the husband sees how excited his wife is, it makes a huge difference in the husbands mood.
  5. Let your kids be naturally excited!
    Yelling at your child to smile only stresses them out. It is important during a photo shoot to have them be naturally happy not forcing the smile. Let the photographer naturally interact with your children. This will result in natural, gorgeous smiles.  Help the photographer capture your child’s true personality by talking with and coaxing out those smiles naturally and easily.
  6. Have fun with your family!Play with your kids. Give your wife a kiss on the cheek. Have fun, laugh, giggle, embrace, cuddle, and play. Doing these things allows the photographer to capture the love in your family.
  7. Bring an activity that you enjoy doing together as a family.Bring books if your family loves to read, bring board games if you love to play games together. HAVE FUN! When families are doing an activity with each other, the photographer has the chance to take the best pictures. Nothing beats true emotion and true smiles.
  8. Let everyone be natural.
    Some of the best images are when the family is not looking at the camera. Lets face it, we cannot get enough of the smiling kids images where they are laughing and playing with each other. Eye contact with the camera isn’t always necessary.

The best piece of advice is to HAVE FUN and enjoy the family time you have together!

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